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About Me

I’m a born-and-bred Londoner who’s recently relocated to Vancouver, Canada. Beaches and mountains aside, there’s actually a lot of overlap – something I’m chalking up to the ‘British’ in British Columbia (including the distinctly UK-esque rain).

I’m also in posession of a shiny Canadian Permanent Residency card, so I don’t need sponsorship.

I’ve learned my craft from working at London’s top creative agencies, including Meta Creative X, The Writer, FCB London, Ogilvy and Google Zoo.

My non-work life revolves around books, films, music, travel and food – both eating it and cooking it. I also made my live poetry debut in 2022, and continue to read my work at open mics.

If you’ve got something to say, but need help finding the words to say it – I’ve got you.

My superpower is combining clarity of thought with creative expression. So I’m able to cut to the core of an idea, without sacrificing the all-important emotion that will draw people in.

Here’s how we can work together:


I’ll synthesise all the details of your brand, product or business into sparkling copy that hits all the right notes for your readers – whoever they might be. Long or short-form copy no bar. (I even have my very own copywriting course.)


I’ll crack your advertising brief swiftly and creatively – whether you need a social activation, an integrated campaign idea or a snappy brand platform. I’m extremely client-facing, seasoned at presenting ideas, and great at collaborating in larger teams of designers, art directors, artworkers, producers and the like. 


I’ll design a tone of voice that sums up your brand or business in a way that’s unmistakably you. So that all your written comms follow a neat red thread, and your audience trusts what you say, when you say it.


Being tri-lingual, I’m hyper aware of the tiny nuances of language and how they can add up to a big impression. Plus, I’ve got 13 years’ experience (and counting) of writing for brands big and small.

So I can offer informed, thoughtful and strategically-aligned suggestions on how you can edit or streamline your messaging, be intentional with your language choices, and bring overall clarity to your idea or vision.

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